Client Testimonials

"I have been using the Aqua ozone every day for close to 3 years now. It has helped me come off chronic gout medication (after 4 months) and improved my general health tremendously. Headaches are 99% gone because of the daily detox effect the product has. It has helped me lose close to 40kg over the last 3 years. Because my body is being detoxed everyday all of my normal bodily system functions works as it should. As a bodybuilder my muscles recover twice as fast. It feeds the muscles quality oxygen, breaks down built up lactic acid and flushes toxins. The higher oxygen content aids in metabolising nutrients and breaking them down and getting them into the bloodstream that much quicker, thereby, speeding up the recovery process. I would recommend the Aqua Ozone to anyone no matter what age or state of health."
Paul Liebenberg ~ Gout, Muscle Recovery & Weight Loss
“Since we bought our ozone machine we have used it religiously every day. We haven’t had flu since buying it and would definitely Recommend. The benefits of using one are phenomenal. Don’t wait to get ill... Buy one ASAP You sleep better and it kills bacteria in the bedroom We even take it with when we travel - bacteria in hotel rooms. In 2013 we had a demonstration of an ozone machine ( not Aquaozone ) . Ozone made complete sense. The benefits are huge. Then in 2015 we came across Aquaozone at Decorex in Durban. Listened to the benefits etc and walked on. I then said to my husband “if one of us ever gets sick I will beg borrow or steal to get an ozone machine” We turned around and bought it!! Prevention is better than cure”
Kathy ~ Stay Healthy, Sleep Better
"As from a young age I have been suffering from Arthritis in my thumbs and wrists, due to an accident and an operation. My husband experiences a lot of back pain. We use the Aqua Ozone dry on our bed while watching TV and I can honestly say that it does help with pain relief. I am an accountant and I use my hands a lot and I have noticed that my thumbs and wrists aren’t as stiff anymore and my husband can do karate and gym without suffering with pain every night. I highly recommend the Aqua Ozone"
Ruanda & Arend De Beer ~ Arthritis & Back Pain